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Teach Me Piano Deluxe Product Description
If you always wanted to learn to play piano or just want to brush up your skills, Teach Me Piano Deluxe lets you do that and more, all at your own pace. This interactive program brings a video-animated instructor, a full music appreciation course, multitrack recording capabilities, and even an online band to jam with, making for an enriching, musically immersive experience. Teach Me Piano Deluxe also is an outstanding complement to traditional lessons, a great aid for teachers, and it delivers...


Multimedia History of Music and Great Composers Review
In essence, Keyboard Coach is a highly skilled and very patient piano teacher. With the help of this admirable new learn-to-play CD-ROM, even the most banana-fingered of pianists could end up doing a passable impression of a keyboard virtuoso.

Using the latest high-tech gizmos such as video sequences, a computerized metronome, and onscreen notation, Keyboard Coach takes the would-be pianist from the simplest one-bar boogie through the execution of fairly complex rock, pop, country, and classical tunes. On the way, the Coach also spots your mistakes


Teach Me Piano Product Description
Voyetra's Teach Me Piano provides a full course of piano lessons--from beginner to intermediate skills. With a MIDI keyboard connected to your PC, the interactive scoring system evaluates your performance so you can see how you're progressing. Teach Me Piano also includes a reference guide for understanding musical notation, a songbook for printing out MIDI files as sheet music, and a performance screen for playing the songs you've learned--with background accompaniment...




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