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A Love of Art 3 CD-ROM Set (Jewel Case) Product Description
A Love of Art, Express Edition presents three in-depth CD-ROMs that will spark, or rekindle, your love for art. Two of the CD-ROMs--Encyclopedia of Western Art, Volumes 1 and 2--explore nearly a thousand years of art history, from Romanesque and Renaissance styles to realism and modernism. Whether...


Art for the Ages Review
Countertop's Art for the Ages takes advantage of the flexibility of the CD-ROM medium to build an art museum inside your computer. By integrating audio clips, interactive links, historical text, time lines, and a zoom function with reproductions of the works themselves, this program emulates the experience of seeing these works in person with a knowledgeable tour guide...


Microsoft Encarta Africana Third Edition Review
Encarta Africana is an absorbing interactive exploration of the history of African culture. From early man's appearance 4 million years ago on the African continent to Sir Mix-A-Lot explaining the technology behind making a rap recording, this comprehensive CD-ROM tackles a massive amount of cultural history, fully utilizing its multimedia format to make the information educational, entertaining, and enlightening.

The program's introduction reflects the ambitious scope of Encarta Africana; the rich harmonies of Zulu choral music swell as a montage flashes across the screen...




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