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eMedia Guitar Method, Vol. 1 Product Description
eMedia Guitar Method, Vol. 1 features 150 comprehensive lessons covering everything from the basics through strumming chords, playing melodies, and fingerpicking. It includes more than 30 videos and three hours of audio from guitar instructor Kevin Garry. Learning guitar is made fun through familiar hit songs by artists like Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, and Steve Miller. This new version includes additional lessons, including chapters on instrument care, chord progressions, and blues songs...


Guitar Coach Product Review
Guitar Coach is a complete introduction to playing acoustic and classical guitar. Its flexibility allows you to tailor the program to your individual needs. The software details the crucial steps to follow to get started, but if you're already familiar with the basics, you don't have to go through it again. The methods are focused on developing good hand skills, musical awareness, and a thorough understanding of the guitar. More than 50 hours of video and audio instruction teach the solo, picking, and strumming techniques important for playing. Guitar Coach has more than 200 video clips and backing tracks, all set in a multimedia environment that makes learning fun...


Teach Me Blues Guitar Product Description
Learn to play blues-style guitar with Teach Me Blues Guitar from Voyetra. This simple method uses video clips, animation, and voice-overs to make learning fast, fun, and easy. Play classic blues riffs, solos, and songs in no time. The self-paced course lets you begin with concepts and basic theory or skip right to the lessons. A video overview introduces you to each phase of the course. Each level focuses on particular chords and techniques, which are described by your instructor, written in text passages, and demonstrated...




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