PYP – Pushing Your Potential

Orbit South Housing Association

Adam Knight delivers the Pushing Your Potential programme on behalf of Orbit South Housing Association. This ambitious project is designed to bring those furthest from the job market into sustained employment, by integrating the best practices of private sector recruitment. Working with a Housing Association also means having the flexibility to cater for a broad spectrum of abilities, sectors and industries.

We do this by focusing our resources where it matters most:

Adam Knight understands the recruitment matrix and the frustrating search employers face to find the best talent. Our work with Orbit South gives Adam Knight access to a broad pool of talent from a broad cross section of society that addresses all niches, skills and levels of expertise. Our understanding of employer recruitment imperatives allows us to tailor our practices to ensure that we deliver the right candidates to the right employer every time.

We do this by providing staffing solution and focusing on you company needs:

The Pushing Your Potential programme allows both Adam Knight and Orbit South Housing to best leverage their resources ensuring that this complements their current customer focused Employment Support.

Adam Knight understands that employer and employee demands need not be mutually exclusive. We deliver sustainable job outcomes by ensuring that these interests are aligned. Pushing Your Potential brokers the right candidate for the right job not just any job.

PYP Services

Bespoke Employment Mentoring

Finding a job is never easy, whether you have been made redundant, newly unemployed or long term, seeking a new challenge or returning to the job market after a career break AK can offer a number of avenues to suite your desired objective, in addition we offer two solutions aimed at bringing the best out of candidates. Employment mentoring comes in two forms:

Whatever the preference these sessions are designed to bring the best out of candidates. These sessions will hone and develop the skills needed to ensure success in the job market.

Training & Development

Success and high candidate retention are not down to luck. Candidates who enjoy their jobs stay in their jobs. Similarly employers who hire skilled and motivated staff keep those staff. AK ensures that the right candidate gets the right job. It however also knows how to spot the potential in people who may not know they have the natural ability; which if given the right skills would excel at a job.

AK helps candidates to access and identify potential grants, agencies and funding on offer from both local and national bodies that are geared towards helping people achieve their full potential. Whether you are under 25 or an adult learner AK can help you find the path to getting your future career or promotion on the right track.


Self-Employment offers people the flexibility to fit work around their personal life. Becoming self-employed is often mistakenly viewed as beyond the reach of many individuals.

Being self employed requires self confidence, determination and hard work, however AK takes the stress and fear out of achieving your goal by offering you an informal conversations around your business proposition and realistically assessing the viability of your idea. Moving forward potential entrepreneurs will gain access to tailored mentoring that focuses on your individual business including: