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Source: The 2002-03 Occupational Outlook Handbook (BLS)

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Payroll Clerk

Nature of the Work

Payroll and timekeeping clerks perform a vital function—ensuring that employees are paid on time and that their paychecks are accurate. If inaccuracies arise, such as monetary errors or incorrect amounts of vacation time, these workers research and correct the records. In addition, they may also perform various other clerical tasks. Automated timekeeping systems that allow employees to directly enter their hours worked into a computer have eliminated much of the data entry and review by timekeepers and has elevated the job of payroll clerk. But in offices that have not automated this function, payroll and timekeeping clerks still perform many of the following functions.

Job Outlook

Little or no change is expected in the employment of payroll and timekeeping clerks through 2010, due to the continuing automation of payroll and timekeeping functions and the consolidation of clerical jobs. A growing number of mergers and acquisitions also will adversely affect payroll departments as administrative offices are usually the first to be downsized. Nevertheless, a number of job openings should arise in coming years as payroll and timekeeping clerks leave the labor force or transfer to other occupations. Many payroll clerks use this position as a steppingstone to higher level accounting jobs.


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