Career Advice

As experienced careers advisories we understand how critical it is to make the right decisions when it comes to taking that next step. We’ll give you the tools and constructively map out your career path and highlight the various roots that could become available; whether you’re starting out, making the next move internally or completely diversifying, we can help.

We also appreciate that the ever-changing economic environment creates unique opportunities and demand for talent is high, which is why an in-depth look at your career can highlight transferable skills that could land you the ideal career or initiate your next move.

We can help you regardless of where you may be in your career. For further information you can contact us on:

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With a wealth of experience and knowledge we can provide support and advice in all aspects of your career journey. Below is a brief list of support that we can provide:

Career Advice

* The journey, things to consider, challenges, diversity of roles, opportunities, be open minded but realistic, real expectations and the route ways one can follow.

Job Search Tip           

* The basics of job search, define sectors, clear goals otherwise you could end up wasting time, networking, online portals Linkedin, have a good CV to post (check out the CV section)

Returning to Work

* Can be hard after a career beak, can be daunting, don’t worry about the gap in your CV, don’t let others dictate – our personal experiences have taught us otherwise, re-train, the Big Plus – Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills

* Why its important to understand your skills and how they can transfer into other sectors, possibly your previous role no longer exist or the dynamics have changed – might be due to new tech or new methods – retraining could be your  best option?

CV & Cover Letter

What makes a good CV, what should be included, how should it be presented, you may need many CV’s – tailor your CV to the industry or job role.

How long do you have to capture the attention of the recruiter?

The importance of a personal statement – needs to be tailored to the role.


The dos and don’t, the importance of presentation, and preparation, research, the big day, body language, asking questions, negotiating salary.

Making Work Pay

* Every Job is noble, understand your personal budgets and needs, know what you need and what suppprt can be offered, Better of Calculation – why everyone should do it.

Career Progression / Improving opportunities:

* Education, continuous learning, specialise and know your sector, develop an apatite for knowledge, understand trends within your specialisms – future proof, the salary of today is not going to be necessarily the right salary of tomorrow.